Dear BCO Supporter,

On behalf of the Brazos Chamber Orchestra, thank you for supporting the BCO by your attendance to our concerts, by donating your dollars, and by helping us get the word out about the Brazos Chamber Orchestra.

We are privileged that you are attending and enjoying our concerts that we give to you, our audience.

This upcoming concert series cannot be performed without your help. You are that important to the BCO. As you know, we do not charge admission to our concerts, however, the concerts are not free, and we have expenses we have to cover. How can you help us on this journey of music excellence? If you know of anyone or a business that would like to place a program ad in our concert handbills, please have them contact us at our website – If you are able and willing to donate to us via online, in the mail, in our offerings that we collect at our concerts and in response to this our annual Capital Campaign, this would be an immense help. Perhaps you would consider budgeting and giving a specific amount every month. Please indicate in the return envelope how you want your name to appear in the program or that you wish to remain anonymous. Thank you for considering giving a bountiful donation!


To donate via check, send to

Brazos Chamber Orchestra
104 Songbird Trail
Keene, Texas. 76059

Friend                     $25   –  $99

Sponsor                  $100 – $299

Musicians Circle  $300 – $599

Virtuoso Circle     $600 – $999


Benefactor $1,000 – $2,499

  • Business name printed in all concert’s programs
  • Business name recognized from stage

Maestro’s Circle $2500 – $4,999

  • Business name printed in all concert’s programs
  • Business name recognized from stage
  • Business name recognized on BCO Facebook page as well as BCO Website

Underwriter $5,000+

  • Marketing team will contact your business
  • Logo of business on BCO Facebook & BCO Website
  • Business website will be linked from BCO home page
  • Business logo will be printed on front cover of concert programs
  • Business name will be recognized from stage as supporting the musical arts in the community


These are the themes that we need to sustain us and hold us during this time of crisis in each one of our lives. So, come out, be at peace, bring your families and enjoy this series. We pray that you will find God’s Faith, Hope & Inspiration.